TFU | Mar. 9 – 15

The NYDFS requested coronavirus contingency plans from its regulated crypto entities; Robinhood faced another service outage, its third in two weeks; Sesame Credit rolled out a new digital bank offering; the Bank of England published a report on how central bank digital currencies; Standard Chartered unveiled a new Hong Kong-based virtual bank; Revolut is rolling out gold trading through its app; the UK’s new budget includes a ‘major review’ of its fintech sector; and Ant is planning a major expansion of its reach and services.

TFU | Mar. 2 – 8

Leading Off Robinhood experienced severe system outages; Ant Financial took a minority stake in Klarna; the European Systemic Risk Board warned of the systemic risk of cyber threats in a new report; Starling is applying for an Irish banking license as it aims to expand in Europe; and South Korea passed legislation on crypto regulation. …

TFU | Jan. 13 – 19

Leading Off Former CFTC Chairman Chris Giancarlo launched the Digital Dollar Foundation to help create a U.S. government-backed digital currency; Visa announced that it will acquire Plaid for $5.3B; Revolut is reportedly nearing a new funding round at a $5B valuation; and Ant Financial announced it will host a “massive” fintech conference in Shanghai in…

TFU | Dec. 16 – 22

Final Update for 2019, returning 1/6/2020 Dear readers, this will be our final edition of the year decade! Thank you, as always, for your continued interest and support of this newsletter, and we look forward to another great year ahead. Warmest wishes to all for a happy and healthy holiday season—and see you again in…

TFU | Mar. 4-10

Federal authorities arrested the leaders of OneCoin on charges including money laundering and securities fraud; Congress held hearings on whether and how to create a federal privacy law; the Bank of England plans to take supervisory action against Visa for a 2018 European data center outage; Philadelphia became the first major U.S. city to ban cashless stores; Ant Financial unveiled a new banking platform; and MasterCard dropped its bid to acquire Earthport.

TFU | Feb. 11-16

Twenty-two state AGs challenged the CFPB’s proposed fintech sandbox; the Senate Banking Committee is set to examine financial data collection; JPMorgan Chase introduced its own dollar-backed cryptocurrency; President Trump signed an EO setting aside federal funds for AI projects; IBM won a $700M five-year technology deal with Banco Santander; Ant confirmed its acquisition of WorldFirst; and U.K. challenger bank Starling raised £75M in Series C funding.